Casino Games and Wearables

Wearables or wearable technology can be defined as electronic devices that are worn on the head, eyes and wrist. These devices are often smaller versions of tablets or smartphones and have the functionality to do many things which includes playing online casino games.  This wearable technology is able to offer Canadian online casino players a hands-free gaming option as well as offering a life like experience.  This technology is set to change the online casino industry.


Smart glasses are glasses with an advanced interface and these were only displays which players could view through the glasses but because of the way technology is developing and advancing smartglasses are now able to function like a smartphone with LCD projection enabling players to use mobile applications, have access to a GPS function and many more.  These smart glasses have been deemed illegal at all land based casinos, but these glasses could potentially be used to play real money online pokies games with. Smartglasses could offer Canadian online casino players a very real casino experience. The software developers have designed apps for the Google Glass which is geared towards things such as being able to read emails or the use of Google Maps. There is a company that has designed a Blackjack game for Google Glass, but it can only be played for free.


Smartwatch developer, Apple, has made advances in the capability of this device and Canadian players can now enjoy playing online casinos games from their smartwatch. Before, these were only used for limited functions. The more advanced smartwatches now have a camera, phone, GPS, sound and a rechargeable battery.  The smartwatch can also be connected to a wireless device. Some smartwatches are especially designed for the health conscious player and includes a fitness tracker.  More and more apps are being developed for online casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Slots which can be played from a smartwatch. The most well-known smartwatches on the market include the Apple Watch and Sony Smartwatch. The Apple watch is compatible with all iPhone technology and Sony is powered by Android.

VR Headsets

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are a larger version of smartglasses, and have been developed specifically for gaming.  Canadian online casino players will be immersed into the world of a land based casino when using VR headsets.  While this technology is still in its early stages, it is set to be one of the greatest technological developments in the casino industry. The Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear are two models of VR headsets which can be purchased. When playing VR online casino games Canadian players will be able to interact with their dealer and the other players and walk around the casino space.

Smart Rings

Smart Rings are not as well known, but are worth mentioning.  It is a ring that fits on the finger and is able to send emails using Bluetooth as well as receiving social media alerts. Although this platform will probably not be used for casino games it could possibly be used together with other devices when playing online casino games.

It seems that wearable technology and online casino gaming is on the increase as developers find new ways to make gaming easier and more accessible for players.