Play Blackjack Online Casino Games In North America

The game blackjack is the evolution of a game known as twenty one. The game of twenty one was made up by a group of Spanish pirates in the Caribbean islands. The famous short story Don Quixote makes reference to the game and this is the first time we can see the game written down on paper. The game is explained in detail in the book, but the difference between the book version and the version that most are familiar with today is that the book version is played with a special deck of cards. This special deck of cards is called a baraja deck and has its origins in Spain. In this special deck, there are no eight cards, nine cards or ten cards. This significantly changes the game as getting to the number twenty becomes even more complicated and challenging with this change.

As this short story was written in the early seventeenth century, we can assume the game was played even earlier than that. Perhaps even in the sixteenth century. There are also some references to the game in both Spain and France a little bit later, so the age of the game is well documented. That puts the age of blackjack at over four hundred years. This was long before a player could play blackjack online casino on the internet.

Blackjack Card Values

The goal of a player when they play blackjack online casino is to get a total of twenty one points. If the player goes over a total of twenty one points when they play blackjack online casino, they will lose the hand. This is known as a bust.

Knowing card values is very important when a player wants to play blackjack online casino because they need to know how to reach the magic number of twenty one. The cards two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten all have face value in terms of points. The jack, queen and king all have a point total of ten each. The ace card is different though. It can either be worth eleven points or one point. It just depends on which point value is more beneficial to the player.

Player’s Decisions

When a player wants to play blackjack online casino, and they are trying to get to a point total of twenty one, there are several decisions they can make that will influence the outcome of the game once the cards have been dealt.

Once the initial two cards have been dealt, the first decision the player can make is to hit. In this instance, the player will take an additional card from the dealer in the hopes that they will come closer to twenty one without going over and busting.

The next player decision that can be made when a player decides to play blackjack Canada online casino is to stand. In this case, the player will refuse any additional cards and simply stick with the cards they have been given.

If a player doubles down, they can increase their first bet by up to one hundred percent. With this, they must stand after being given an additional card.