Various Types Explained to Play Slots Online

Online slots games fall into a number of different categories, depending on their layout, format and style of play. When you play slots online it’s a good idea to know exactly what each different type of game entails and how it works, and there are free or demo options available for exactly this purpose.

Picking an online slots game that is appealing to you and that suits your budget and expectations will enhance your enjoyment and ensure that you have fun right from the first spin of the reels. Simple and complex games are available online and if you want to play slots that are perfect for you, keep reading to learn more about your options.

Classic Reel Slots

Classic reel slots are the most basic version of the game and are based on the original slots prototype created in the 1880’s. Generally featuring 3 reels, classic slots offer relaxed, laid back entertainment that can result in quick wins. With a single payline, the game’s premise is simple and although coin bet sizes may differ from game to game, all you need to do is line up a winning combination in order to claim a payout. Classic reel slots are easy to play and are often low volatility, making them ideal for beginners who still want to play for real money but don’t want to lose out if they aren’t successful.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are very popular as they are brightly coloured, fast paced and plenty of fun. Although they are simple to play they may take a little while longer for players to get to grips with than the classic reel games, as although they also feature 3 reels they have been designed to offer regular bonuses and have several twists and turns. When you play slots that are based on the Fruit Machines of yesteryear, you won’t have to worry too much about having a big budget as these games usually only require small bets.

Video Slots

If you want to play slots that are slick and sophisticated, video slots have the answer. These games are classic reel slots all grown up and they feature incredible graphics, cinematic cut scenes, innovative storylines and bonus features like offers in online eSports betting and animations that come to life as the reels roll. Often based on icons such as Batman or Tomb Raider, the myriad of video slots themes is simply mesmerizing and there’s sure to be a game that will captivate players of all preferences. Video slots commonly have 5 reels, but there are games that have as many as 7 and players must place line bets as there is more than one payline that can be enabled,  and then select the number of coins they wish to play. Bonus rounds are designed to boost your bankroll and free spins, multipliers, pick a box style games and other rewarding options are often included.

Progressive Slots

The big daddy of online slots, progressive jackpot games accumulate a prize pot that when paid out, could change your life. Every time a player places a bet the progressive jackpot grows and if machines are networked together payouts can easily reach over a million. One lucky player will claim the progressive jackpot and the prize pot will then reset to zero or a stipulated minimum amount and start growing once more. When you play slots with progressive jackpots you may find that the payout is triggered at random or you might be required to line up a specific combination, and these games are particularly popular with players who love betting big and winning big in return.