Popular Roulette Strategies Explained

As with most popular casino games, the verdict is still out as to where and when exactly the game of Roulette originated. The name Roulette is derived from the French meaning “little wheel”, and is believed to have been fathered by none other than the brilliant and infamous mathematician, Blaise Pascal.  Pascal’s idea was to utilise the wheel to support and test certain theories in the science of perpetual motion. Whether Pascal intended for the invention to grow into the popular game of chance that it is today, is anyone’s guess. The game became highly popular in France, and according to various works of literature, attained royal status as a result of being a favourite played in the French palace of the day.

Today the game of Roulette is being played the world over, and many an elaborate strategy has been devised in order to swing the red and black in a favourable fashion.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Players either hate or love the Fibonacci strategy. There are those who condemn this strategy as part of the gambler’s fallacy, and others who swear by its success rate. The system demands that a player be able to do a number of quick calculations.

Whenever a bet is lost, the Fibonacci strategy proposes that the next bet will be based on the previous two bets. The first two bets will always carry the assigned values of 0 and 1.  Each subsequent value to be chosen, will be the sum of the previous two bets.

It may not be the simplest of strategies, but certainly one that is highly popular among die-hard lovers of the game.

The Law Of Thirds System

The Law of Thirds system is a strategy that is more popular among seasoned players. The strategy relies heavily on intuition that is said to only be developed by players over time. A player will typically try and “fish” for numbers that repeat often. The system is implemented by initially waiting until 9 different numbers have come up.  The player will then proceed to wait for two additional spins to pass, after which a bet will be placed on all 9 numbers for a total of 3 spins.

The Law of Thirds system works from the assumption that the online Roulette wheel has a memory (which it doesn’t).  Despite this, it has become a widely popular strategy.

The Parlay System

The Parlay system is one of the simpler Roulette systems, and favoured by beginners. An initial bet is placed.  If the bet is a winning bet, the bet value will be increased. If not, the player will revert back to the initial bet value.

A “max bet” value is also determined beforehand. Whenever the max bet is reached, the player will remove all winnings from the table, and start again from scratch with the initial small bet. This ensures that the player does not merely keep doubling up and at some point lose all. Without the max bet safeguard, no player would ever make any profit by using this system.

The game of Roulette is great fun and the number of available strategies ensures that all types of players are accommodated.